Trade-in disposable, single-use cotton rounds for the organic and reusable option!


This is the environmentally friendly way to apply facial toner, remove makeup, or do anything else that you would normally do with a disposable cotton round.


The cotton rounds are 100% organic, are washable and reusable, and feature an attractive print in black and white on both sides.


The valuable features of organic cotton rounds:


  • No more waste – Do you go through hundreds or even thousands of cotton rounds per year? Reusable cotton rounds are the eco-friendly way to go.
  • The perfect size – These 3” x 3” rounds (which are more like squares with rounded corners) are the perfect shape and size for your beauty needs.
  • Attractive prints – The beautiful black and white prints on both sides of the round are attractive and make a great conversation piece.
  • Machine washable – You can put your cotton rounds in the washer and dryer for total convenience.
  • Money-saver – Reusable cotton rounds are more affordable than buying thousands of disposable ones.
  • Eco-friendly – This is the ecologically friendly way to use cotton rounds.




  • Flannel will become more absorbent the more you wash it.
  • These wipes are not prewashed, so there may be a little shrinkage.
  • Wash and dry with like colors.

Black and White Organic Cotton Rounds

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