I’m so excited that you are interested in ways to reduce your impact on our beautiful planet.

My name is Kerri and I am the founder of SeaGreen.

My love for nature began on a small farm that I grew up on in the midwest. I was taught to recognize how we affect nature around us and was reminded daily that we must always conserve our natural resources.

Skip ahead about 30 years and I found myself in Houston close to the Gulf of Mexico. If you’ve never experienced the power of the ocean then you are truly missing out. I love the ocean and electricity that I feel when I am there. I am also terrified of it. You will never see me swimming in it and rarely will you catch me with my feet in it.

The ocean is what brought me back to my roots. Seeing the trash on the beach and the horrendous videos of the majestic sea creatures suffering from the litter that makes its way into their home. My heart was broken and I knew I needed to make a change.

I began looking for reusable products to replace the ones that I was throwing away everyday. I found a few and ordered them only to realize that they weren’t as environmentally friendly as I had hoped and they were wrapped in the very plastic that I was trying to avoid. I soon realized that finding products that were safe for the environment and something that I actually wanted wasn’t easy. This began my obsession with searching out companies that aligned with my values and provided products that were both eco-friendly and fit into my lifestyle.

Fitting into my lifestyle was an important piece of the puzzle for me. As much as I wanted to reduce how much I was throwing away I also didn’t want to suddenly go off grid. The products that I wanted needed to be easy to use and not require me to change everything about my life.

This work eventually grew into the creation of SeaGreen. Once I realized how difficult it was to find products that fit what I needed and wanted I knew that others were struggling too. The products that I offer are where I began my journey. I searched out small businesses here in the United States whose purpose is to provide quality products that are convenient, sustainable, and safe for both man and the planet.


Convenience is what got us into trouble in the first place, but that doesn’t mean we have to begin living like the pioneers did. Reducing the amount of waste that we create will require giving up some conveniences and this will mean a little more work. But you won’t find any judgements or expectations here other than the call for change. Reducing the amount of waste that we create is something that must be done for the sake of our planet. But where that change begins and how it progresses is up to you.


I will continue to search out new companies and products that are aligned with my values of being dependable, showing respect to both man and nature, and a passion for the future health of our planet.


If one person can make a difference imagine what we can do together.